Inspection Services

Occasionally, in the course of business, a business owner may not need their machinery and equipment inspected but not appraised. Nationwide Equipment Appraisal also offers this service. Below are just a few reasons why we offer this service:



Sonshine Services can provide on-site inspection of equipment to protect your investment. We can verify the miles or hours on the unit and inspect for damage or wear that would significantly reduce its value. We can confirm proper maintenance schedules are being done if needed also.


Business Owners

Are you making a large investment in equipment or machinery and you would like a second opinion from a non biased third party? Nationwide Equipment Appraisal has over thirty years of looking at and inspecting equipment. We can do an in-depth inspection at a reasonable cost protecting your investment.


Repossessed Equipment and Machinery

Many times when equipment is repossessed it’s much harder to evaluate its condition as it may not be in running condition or no longer in place to see its operation. With our years of experience in equipment and machinery repair we have a “sharper” eye when trying to evaluate true worth.

We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you with your inspection needs. There is no charge for quoting an Appraisal. To get started, please call (915) 726-3066 or visit our CONTACT PAGE.